What Your Onboarding Process Says About You

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June 10, 2022

What Your Onboarding Process Says About You

I don’t mean to scare you or cause panic but I just need to let you know. If there is any workflow you want to nail with ease, which will affect your client experience, it will be your ONBOARDING WORKFLOW.


It’s one of the first impressions that will be remembered of you and your business. It’s a bit like marmite. Your client will either love you at this point or well you know the rest!

What is Onboarding? And How Will It Affect You?

By definition, onboarding is the go through procedures to effectively integrate (a new employee) into an organization or familiarize (a new customer or client) with one’s products or services. Though that definition points out what it really is, onboarding is more than just that. Through the onboarding process, ​incoming clients will have the chance to know more about your business, services, roles, vision and goals, and so much more.

This process is common in the industry. But because of the digital world and living in the pandemic these past years, we had to learn how to adapt to the changes happening around us. We were able to get better use of the technology available to us. More organizations get to improve and transition from traditional onboarding to more effective ways of remote onboarding.

Your onboarding workflow will show that you have your stuff together and will position you even more of an expert within your industry just by how you onboard.
Your client has probably already spoken with many other service providers in your industry but chose YOU because they TRUST YOU over others! Something led them to choose you.
This could be because of your approach in executing the service offering. It could be because your brand stood out most to them. It could be because of a gut feeling. Either way, you are not about to disappoint right?
Now your onboarding workflow is not about having your client sign the contract and pay the invoice; that is your booking phase.

Your onboarding workflow is way more than that! It’s about ushering your client through to the service delivery/fulfillment phase.

Included in your onboarding workflow will be;

1. Giving them access to their portal

2. Reminding them of what they have signed up for with you

3. Gaining extra information such as login details and extra info’s via a questionnaire/form type

4. Setting your 30, 60, 90 day deliverables (obviously this is service type dependent)

This is all about getting everything you need and THEY need to ensure the next phase (fulfillment) is a success.

Initial impressions are everything! So nailing your processes must be treated with much focus so it can be as effective as possible. Don’t neglect this workflow if you really want to keep your clients and not lose them to sally down the road. If you want to learn more on how to succeed in giving a great client experience, click here!

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