3 Myths That You May Believe About Workflows That Are Just NOT TRUE

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June 10, 2022

3 Myths That You May Believe About Workflows That Are Just NOT TRUE

Trigger Warning: This may make you feel some type of way but my intention is to only show you what is possible through your workflows.

There has been a lot of talk about workflows in the business community recently and what it can do for you and your business. While most people understand why workflow is crucial, some are still reluctant to make the move.

Workflow Audit: What does it mean?

In general terms, workflow defines a sequence of actions and tasks that are performed consistently according to a defined set of rules. Before, workflows were managed manually through paper files and verbal instructions by businesses and organizations. But as we move into the digital world, automated workflows come into view. We no longer have to deal with issues we were facing with manual workflows and it enhances the effectiveness and productivity of the business processes. However, it is not without faults. That’s where workflow auditing comes in. It helps identify the flaws and issues in a workflow. Thus, ensuring that the objectives and goals are met.

You may believe some things about workflows, CRMs, and client experience that are just not facts and because of these beliefs, it may be limiting you. Here are 3 myths that you may believe about workflow auditing that are just NOT TRUE:​

​1: They will do EVERYTHING for me so I don’t have to

While workflows are there to support your business and processes, it will not do everything for you. There will be minor manual aspects of your workflows which you will still need to be a part of – make a note of these in your workflow so you do not forget about it and in Dubsado you can do this a task

2: It opens up room for mistakes to happen
This is a myth and automations will only happen based on what you have programmed it to do
If you have programmed it wrong, then it will do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

3: Workflow automation are expensive
Laptops are more expensive than a typewriter (tell me you remember the typewriters right?) However we and our
parents invested in a computer and laptop because it saves a lot of time and so much more can be done this way!

These myths are not true and will end up placing limitations on what you CAN actually do with your workflows.

Workflow automation is here to stay. At a glance, it may seem flawless but it’s not. And workflow auditing will help you see where the gaps are in your business and processes and help set the narrative for a better client experience.

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