How to use these Dubsado Forms to transform how you do business

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June 10, 2022
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June 10, 2022

How to use these Dubsado Forms to transform how you do business


Whether you are a VA, OBM, Coach, Lawyer, Florist, etc, these Dubsado forms place no limits on your business instead, it increases trust and quality of experience. Why spend time and energy using various apps just to create a nearly seamless system when you have Dubsado that can help you create a client experience that matters with these forms?!


Often times, when overloaded with the endless possibilities a CRM can have on our business can lead to a state of confusion; which often leads you to questioning whether you need certain parts of it or not.

Before getting started with using any form, it is important to know what your processes are, what it is you need to be able to make your business run seamlessly.

You will need to ensure you take a moment to really map out what your current processes are and what you intend for it to look like once you implement the use of a CRM.

These forms will take you from a place of basic use to a place to elevation.


The use of this form is great if you are in the field that requires for work, tasks, designs to be signed off on.

Look at the bigger picture, the work done by the subcontractor has been reviewed and edited (if needed), and the next step would be to approve it.

It’s as easy as that! Incoming initial and signature. Boom, done!

We know that you’re worried about something. Are you asking “But what if they don’t sign the form?” No worries, the power of automation allows the same form to be sent as a reminder a number of days later!

Lead Capture form

A lead capture form works as your Contact form. So I can tell you now, if you have a website and are using a contact form, you can do away with it now!

It works just like how a “contact me now” form would on a website, except, well, you don’t need a website! Plus, you can trigger a service workflow from this one form,

Yes! You read that right! If you have 3 different services, you don’t need 3 lead capture forms. Have all the services on this one form for your lead to pick from, which will trigger the current workflow and move them through the client journey seamlessly!

Click here to watch how this works

CTA: Are you already feeling the nudge to get things working correctly for you now, starting with your processes?

Schedule a 90 minute strategy session with me here to work through your processes and automation!



If you are a bridal stylist, a florist, a photographer, or any type of service provider that needs to collate a number of collateral and answers from your client.

How are you currently doing this? Via emails going back and forth, in the DMs where you run the risk of losing the information unless you screenshot the information?

If you are looking to store all of their much-needed information in one place, Dubsado’s questionnaires are a great resource. The list is endless!

Don’t let me forget to tell you, you can send a questionnaire with a scheduler link too! If this won’t make you excited, what will?


We know websites are tiring and a bit pricey, so if you don’t have a website, your proposal is the next best thing. It’s a place where you can showcase your business and convert your clients.

If you require them to sign a contract and pay a fixed deposit or invoice, you can do that with your proposal, all on one link! Let me emphasize – ALL IN ONE LINK I know! It’s simply mindblowing!

But these are just a few of the many forms, systems, workflows, templates, and others that Dubsado and I can help you with! We both know that running a business is difficult as is, so don’t torture yourself. Start automating it with Dubsado right now!

Ultimate conclusion

These are great starting points with how these Dubsado forms can transform how you do business. If you were not utilising subcontracts, will you start doing so today? If you were usin forms but in ways that were basic, what plans do you have now to elevate your current processes for a more seamless and streamlined way of working?

If you have any thoughts or burning questions on the content here, send me an email at info@mercymathewseva.comor better yet, leave a comment below incase someone else has the same thoughts and I will be happy to answer!

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