Hey hey! I’m Mercy!

Thank you for being here!

I started out in the online space as a VA and quickly pivoted to become an OBM in 2020 after realising my strengths weighed more in systems, automations and operations. I am UK based but serve businesses across the world.

While I love the implementing aspect when it comes to supporting my clients, my excitement lies more in creating a strategy, plan of action, and seeing the transformations in their business.

My 15 years experience from corporate in Customer Service, Management, Finance, Project Management, Operations and HR which has led me to where I am now, building my own business. I am a go getter with organisation skills and drive to succeed, and right now Virtually Succeed.

The experience I have been able accumulate over the years is continually evolving, taking all limitations off in growing and expanding my Knowledge and Skills.

Operations, System Set-Up, Project Management, Website Management and Design, Team Management are only a fraction of what I can do to help you create the work-life balance you have been desiring and scale with ease!

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